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Research Papers for ultrasound technology.
Publish Title Name Author
2010.03.04 Study of the characteristics of a piezoelectric lead zirconate titanate radiation detector using a pulsed xenon source Journal of Applied Physics, 107 (2010), 104902-104906. Nobuyuki Hasebe, Osamu Okudaira, Seiji Takechi, Atsuma Kurozumi, Shinya Morinaga, Takefumi Uno, Hiromi Shibata, Masanori Kobayashi, Takeshi Murakami, Yukio Uchihori, Nagaya Okada
2009.12.18 A calorimetric study of energy conversion efficiency of a sonochemical reactor at 500 kHz for organic solvents Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 18 (2011), 197-208. M. Toma, S. Fukutomi, Y. Asakura, S. Koda
2009.11.28 The effects of acoustic flow and mechanical flow on the sonochemical efficiency in a rectangular sonochemical reactor Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 17 (2010), 978-984. Y. Kojima, Y. Asakura, G. Sugiyama, S. Koda
2009.06.15 Optimization of Sonochemical Reactors by Measuring Impedance of Transducer and Sound Pressure in Solution Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 43 (2010), 1008-1013. Y. Asakura, K. Yasuda, S. Koda
2008.11.19 Effect of Agitation Condition on Performance of Sonochemical Reaction Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 48 (2009), 07GH04 (3pages) K. Yasuda, K. Matsuura Y. Asakura, S. Koda
2008.11.01 Measurement of temperature after hypervelocity collision of microparticles in the range from 10 to 40 km/s Applied Physics Letters, 93 (2008), 174107. T.Miyachi, M.Fujii, N. Hasebe K. Nogami, N. Okada, et. al
2008.09.12 Sensitive Detection of Hydroxyl Radical Production in Ultrasonic Field with an Electrochemiluminescence Optical Sensor Chemistry Letters, 38 (2009), 292. J. Jin, H. Kumeta F. Takahashi, Y. Asakura
2007.05.10 Development of a Large Sonochemical Reactor at a High Frequency Chemical Engineering Journal, 139 (2008), 339-343. Y. Asakura, K. Yasuda, D. Kato, Y. Kojima, S. Koda
2007.04.04 Effect of Liquid Height on Sonochemical Reaction in a Large-scale Reactor of a Rectangular Parallelepiped Using Low Frequency Ultrasound Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 40 (2007), 1088-1092. Y. Asakura, K. Ishio, Y. Kojima, D.Kato, S. Fukutomi, K. Yasuda, S. Koda
2006.09.26 Characterristics of a Flow-channel Type Sonochemical Reactor Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 40 (2007), 497-500. T. Matsuoka, Y. Asakura, T. Nishida, S. Koda
2006.09.23 Effects of ultrasonic frequency and liquid height on sonochemical efficiency of large-scale sonochemical reactors Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 15 (2008), 244-250. Y. Asakura, T. Nishida, T. Matsuoka, S. Koda
2006.07.05 Enhancement of sonochemical reactor of terephthalate ion by superposition of ultrasonic fields of various frequency Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 14 (2007), 699-704. K. Yasuda, T. Torii, K. Yasui, Y. Iida, T. Tuziuti, M. Nakamura, Y. Asakura
2005.12.05 Characterrization of Sonochemical Reactors by Chemical Dosimetry Electronics and Communications in Japan, Part3, 90 (2007), 1-8. Y. Asakura, M. Maebayashi, T. Matsuoka, S. Koda
2004.05.10 Study on Efficiency and Characterization in a Cylindrical Sonochemical Reactor Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 38 (2005), 1008-1014. Y. Asakura, M. Maebayashi, S. Koda
2004.01.06 Effects of dissolved gas species on ultrasonic degradation of (4-chloro-2-methylphenoxy) acetic acid (MCPA) in aqueous solution Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 12 (2005), 359-365. Y. Kojima, T. Fujita, E. P. Ona, H. Matsuda, S. Koda, N. Tanahashi, Y. Asakura
2002.11.15 Ultrasonic Decomposition of (4-Chloro-2-methyl phenoxy) acetic Acid (MCPA) in Aqueous Solution Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 36 (2003), 806-811. T. Fujita, E. P. Ona, Y. Kojima, H. Matsuda, S. Koda, N. Tanahashi, Y. Asakura
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